Banyan Trees

 Digital Photos of Banyans from Selby Gardens, Sarasota, Florida, 2003

Gregory Hochman

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Banyan and Morton Bay Figs Trees from Selby Gardens and Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida constitute my first tree-photo shoot.  In 2003, I, along with one of my brothers, visited our dad and step-mom in Sarasota, Florida.  During that trip we visited Ringling Museum, and my dad took me to Selby Gardens, where I was introduced to Banyan Trees as well as the Morton Bay Fig Tree.

The instant I saw these trees I was inspired.  To me, the power of art is alive in them; and the day I learned of them I instinctively wanted to paint and interact with them.  However, I didn't have my paints with me on the trip, so instead, I decided it was worth the investment to buy a digital camera so I could preserve the images and paint from the photos when time allows.

The Banyan and Morton Bay Fig Trees perfectly suit my interest as a painter and are the guides that sparked my interest in tree photography.

Gregory Hochman

banyan tree, eucalyptus tree


Art Subjects - Banyan trees - photos of Bayan trunk, roots, branches & leaves banyan_tree_1.JPG (137096 bytes)

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Banyan Tree Root System! - The banyan forms it's phenomenal shapes and accomplishes it's awesome growth through it's amazing root system...

 Art Photos - Nature Photographs - Banyan tree photos

Tree Photos

Banyan Trees, Ringling Museum, Sarasota, FL

Art Subjects - Banyan trees - photos of Bayan trunk, roots, branches & leaves

Morton Bay Fig Tree, Selby Gardens

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Eucalyptus Tree, Selby Gardens

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