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"There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.  Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story." ~Linda Hogan

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Why should we Plant Trees?

35 Reasons to Plant Trees

1.  Trees are invaluable life resources.  Trees give oxygen to people, animals & the planet.  Planting trees sustains life.  

2. Trees clean the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide & storing carbon.*  

3. Trees balance the atmosphere by releasing oxygen & other functions; they serve as a vital balancing weight, which sustains life on earth.  Without trees we would die.

4. In 50 years one tree generates $30,000 worth of oxygen, recycles $35,000 worth of water & removes $60,00 of air pollution.* 

5. Trees prevent or reduce soil erosion.*

6. Trees help recharge ground water and sustain stream flow.*

7.  Wisely placed trees and shrubs decrease noise pollution from streets & highways.*

8.  Trees & shrubs increase the beauty of your surroundings; trees can hide displeasing sights, such as electrical boxes & garbage containers.*

9.  Trees provide privacy for home owners; & increase the value & attractiveness of business landscapes & buildings.*

10.  Trees provides shade for houses & buildings in hot weather; they allow sunlight to shine on the same houses & building is winter, reducing energy bills.  Tree Shade reduces air conditioning costs in residential and commercial buildings by 15 to 50 percent, thereby reducing the need for more dams, power plants & nuclear generators in your region.*

11. Fast-growing species of trees in energy plantations provide a continuous supply of fuel-wood.*

12.   Trees serve as windbreaks which shields homes from wind and snow, reducing heating costs as much as 30 percent.*

13.. Properly managed forests in your area provide a sustained supply of lumber, plywood & countless other wood products.*

14. Sweltering city & suburban streets & parking lots cool off when trees shade them.  Many cities, including those in N.J. are "heat islands"  & are 5 to 9 degrees warmer than surrounding areas.*

15. When trees & shrubs are Properly placed and cared for they will significantly increase residential and commercial property values.  The towns & cities that utilize trees the better for your state or region.*

16. Crop yields form fields with windbreaks are significantly higher than from fields without windbreaks.*

17. Farmstead windbreaks reduce cooling and heating costs, trap snow, reduce wind, provide wildlife habitat and are beautiful.*

18. Trees sweeten & strengthen life.  Trees provide nutmeats (walnuts, pecans, hickory, & more); fruit (plums, peaches, apples, pears & more); berries & sap for jams, jellies, maple syrup & so much more*.

19.  Trees shelters for livestock can reduce weight losses during cold winter months and provide shade for moderate heat stress in summer.*

 20. Trees are living snow-fences.  When strategically placed trees hold sow away from roads, reducing maintenance costs.*

21.  Forests are healing reservoirs.  Medicines & food come from trees & plants.*

22.  Native trees in most every country yield medicinal products.  The medicinal benefits of trees in virtually endless.  For instance, Ginkgo Bilabo from the Ginkgo Bilabo tree, Tea Tree Oil, from the Melaleuca Tree, & Noni Juice, from the Noni Tree.

More info on Ginkgo at The  Ginkgo Pages & 101 Ginkgo Bilabo

23.  Research shows that trees help reduce stress in the workplace and speed hospital patients' recovery!*

24. Trees provide habitat for a wonderful variety of wildlife throughout the earth.*

25. Trees planted along rivers, streams and lakes reduce water temperature and prevent or reduce bank erosion and silt.  Their roots provide hiding places for fish.*

26.  Trees add brilliant colors to fall landscapes.*

27. Fallen leaves prove to be excellent garden mulch.*

28.  Trees even participate in a multitude of recreation activities.*

29.  Trees & landscaping instills community appreciation, calms peoples nerves & may reduce crime.

30.  Trees connect us with nature; they reinforce spiritual truths & cultural values.*

31.  Trees, planted as memorials, leave a valuable gift for future generations.*

32.  Many people are motivated to plant and care for trees because they enjoy observing the growth & developmental process of those trees.*

33.  Trees add beauty and grace to any community setting.  They increase enjoyment, peace & relaxation.*

34.  Trees can be arranged into gardens.  Public & private tree gardens are a joy of life.

35.  Trees testify to the healing & artistic nature of the Creator.  Trees reflect the Creator by giving to, sustaining & beautifying life. 

Bibliographical source: 

"30 Reasons Why You Should Plant Trees in New Jersey" , U.S. Forest Service, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


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